Redefining maintenance and repair of wind turbines.

Our customers ask us back year after year, project after project because of three core concepts we bring to every project.


#1 - Our professionalism.

def: (noun) - a person with systematic knowledge acquired through specialized training or education, bearing moral and ethical behavior.

Every player in the wind industry plays a role in maintaining standards set by the industry. We are proud to say that when it comes to professionalism of on-site and traveling techs, we are single-handedly raising those standards.

Our technicians are business professionals. They exude positive behavior, are competent in the field, maintain high standards for appearance and cleanliness, and foster respect, integrity, honesty, and commitment.

After bringing us onto your project, you will see technicians who look sharp, who use down-time to sweep the shop and who care more about success of the project than their own paycheck.


#2 - Our selective hiring process.

def: (adjective) - tending to choose carefully.

To eliminate uncertainties on your site, we use personnel processes during hiring and project assignment to ensure our technicians, and your experience with our technicians, do not deviate from above-average.

Our hiring process seeks top performers, those with intellectual firepower, relevant work experience, necessary training, proven reliability, and impressive references. Our technicians are leaders in the field with a spectacular track record of working on turbines and with people. Once welcomed onto our team, our technicians' already above-average wind industry experience is strengthen with more practical training.

When you hire us for a job, the technicians we send to you are hand selected to best suit your needs, on-site personnel, job duties, required skill sets and schedule.


#3 - Our ability to streamline. 

def: (verb) make more efficient and effective by employing faster or simpler working methods.

Hiring a service company to merely assist as more manpower is a thing of the past. That's because we do more; we serve as more manpower and we streamline your project so you achieve higher output and operational success. 

Our ability to streamline projects -- workflow, equipment utilization, staff productivity and project scheduling -- opens new dimension of performance that have gone wayside by technicians sent by service companies who focus on one task at a time, not the whole picture.